Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Truth vs Reason

Truth is not seasonable it's eternal.
The truth is heavy that's why not many carry it - (Unknown)
Truth is the standard God sets - He is The Truth - John 14:6
Truth goes deep, right to the heart, the superficial stuff won't stand the test of life.
Truth is God's way of keeping us from deception & self destruction
Truth brings security - "Trust in the Lord ( rely on, lean on and be confident) in the Lord (Truth) and do good ... Ps 37:3 (Amp)
The voice of reason & experience can confuse the listener whose ear is not tuned into Holy Spirit and whose heart is not sold out & surrendered to Jesus. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, He will reveal Jesus.
When reason & experience contradict the word of God, choose truth, choose Jesus.
Reasons will take you down the dead end road of self justification.
Truth will shape us God's way.

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