Wednesday, 17 August 2011

PitStop 3 - EMC 2011 Norway

Somebody said – The man that moved the mountain began by moving the stones...

A person walked into our leadership meeting recently and when he realised that he was in a leaders meeting he apologised and wanted to leave. My answer to him was, stay, then you can hear how we intend taking over the world; its top secret stuff!

Our goal is to change this world one heart at a time in obedience to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

Mat 28:18  Jesus came and told his disciples, "I have been given complete authority in heaven        and  on earth.
Mat 28:19  Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (NLT)

As part of obedience to this command we accepted the invitation to go to Norway to minister at the EMC Rally Hosted by Holy Riders. Some of our Music team accompanied us making the ministry times at the EMC Rally very special.

The rain at our CMA National Rally in April had prepared us for a wet event. Outdoor events are quite challenging when it’s raining... We started with a Leadership Training School attended by about 60 people and then progressed to the Rally where numbers grew to about 600. Riders came in from all over Scandinavia and Europe. The Holy Spirit anointing from the Leadership training flowed over into the rally.

Deléne and I had sent 3 days at Rune and Sigrun’s home to ‘acclimatise’ before the rally and prepare our hearts after a very busy schedule in RSA before our flight. We came from a leaders meeting in RSA straight to the airport to fly. The time was spent building relationship and meeting with local chapter for prayer for rally.

Norway is a beautiful country and riding motorcycles and those twisty back roads are a always blast. Alfred & Anne Skaia blessed me with the use of their GSXR 1000, what a bike... thank you. The big superbike gobbled up the twisty roads with a vengeance.

First night at EMC we sensed God was visiting as many people responded to the alter call to make Jesus Lord of their lives. As we stood in the rain praying with 20 or more people we saw tears of repentance become tears of joy. Many people seek Jesus only for a miracle, but when they come for relationship with Him the miracles come daily. Things can never satisfy or fill the place of the person of Jesus Christ. Multitudes want Him as Saviour, but they want to remain in charge of their lives. Lordship is not optional. The call to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus was our theme for the LTS as well as the Rally.

I’m seeing a new desire for reality that only comes from making Jesus Lord. Lord makes Him the final authority, the decision maker... Surrendered people are not ruled by circumstances or their 5 senses or desires, but by their Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Convenient Christianity is not Christianity at all; it’s a lifeless religion of rules that bring bondage and confusion. Jesus Christ brings life!

Music by the Bikers Church Midrand Team from RSA was a key to setting the stage for God to touch hearts. Every meeting was a God encounter for those who said ‘yes Lord”. Surrendered people are concerned about what God says, so they excel in doing His will. Surrendered people become holy people... A new Worship CD has been released and is available from Holy Riders in Norway or CMA RSA. Make sure you get a copy!

The rally was very well organised by Holy Riders Norway with a good programme and excellent food. Have you ever had salmon on the menu at a bike rally? Well done! Those that attended had a life changing encounter with God. I’m always in wonder at what God does in me while he does stuff through me.

The area of Kwam where the event was held is very picturesque and riding motorcycles in the area is loads of fun.

After the rally Rune Enstad (President Holy Riders) & I had a post rally tour to unwind. I put the key in the GSXR’s ignition and happily followed his Ducati corner for corner... The tour included an unscheduled hike up Pulpit Rock (2hrs up and then more than 1 hr down). We met up with tour leader Jon Gunnar (HR Bergen) and Horst & Carola and team (H R Germany) and Jay and Sue (CMA UK) with a BMW sidecar. The sidecar rig is setup for riding on the left-hand side of the road, so this was fun and games – good riding Jay and Sue’s prayer life I’m sure has greatly improved. The evenings were spent at Ktetil & Siri’s home with never a dull moment as they invited the local chapter to join us for a visit. (Thanks for your bed Torstein)

We wrapped up this wonderful time with a few days at Skaia’s home and interaction with the local chapter in Sogne and their local Aust Agder rally. Great hospitality and I had to give the GSXR back.

What makes these events special is the gathering of God’s people from the nations across Europe and Scandinavia with a mix of a few South Africans and others nations (Russia) thrown in to spice things up. These guys and ladies become like family. At first there was the language barriers – we frowned, smiled then laughed hugged through them, now there’s a brotherhood of relationships developing that will enable us the change this world one heart at a time. The British are even beginning to understand our version of English. The Swedish English is another story... but then my Swedish is limited to ‘Volvo’. Matti from CMA Finland speaks “Finnish” and we love him! We have had to make choices to get beyond our little likes and dislikes and make Jesus Lord of all.

Thought – Idol worship is when we more concerned about impressing people than obeying God. The need for acceptance overwhelms truth & the sense of purpose.

I come from a family of five children, but now I had the privilege of being part of a huge international family. Gods’ up to something.... take great care make decisions that will please the Father.

Riding for the Son